"Balance your life and live your dream."

"For richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, I will love you and honor you all the days of my life" is what we promise when we take our vows but after the "honeymoon" period, what usually happens?  You guessed it.  Problems, problems, and more problems.  

So how do we keep that love which we once had?  

Answer:  By creating a "Couple Currency".

Create a credit system with your spouse where if you do or don't do something for your spouse then you get a certain amount of credits.  For example: wives, if you want your hubbies to take you shopping for 2 straight hours even if you don't buy anything, then you can give him 1 or 2 "credits" for his time which he can later use or redeem for what he wants to do etc.  For the men, if you want your wives to leave you alone for 3 hours to watch a game, then give her 1 or 2 credits for it.  You can always negotiate on the credits.  

I've been doing this with my wife for the last 6 months and we haven't had a single argument.  If she wants something or want something done, then she'll offer me credits and I do it with a SMILE :)  Of course, you don't want to give or receive credits for every little thing, just for the things you or your spouse dislike doing but will do if offered credits.  

Remember "Happy Wifey, Happy Lifey".

Recently, I sold my home.  It wasn't easy because of its location and school district.  But these are the things I did to sell within one month.  

1.  CLEAN, CLEAN, and CLEAN some more.  Make it look like a brand new home inside and out.

2.  Get rid of ALL clutter.  Your closets, pantries, cabinets, and drawers should be all empty.  Don't leave personal pictures around.  Keep it clean and simple like a model home.  

3.  INVEST.  Get path/walkway lights, knobs for kitchen cabinets, landscaping, and anything that will increase the home's appeal.

4. HOME STAGE using your own furniture and buy a few decorative items from TJ Maxx or Ross.  Rearrange some of your furniture, have cookie candles or something pleasant, have the temperature in the house just right, have blinds open where it's not facing the neighbors but closed where privacy is needed, and have free water out for the realtors and their clients.  

Good luck : )

Are you one of the millions of people paying over $50 for cable or satellite TV?  Well, I was paying $93 for my satellite and decided to call my service provider.  After spending 10 minutes with the rep, she offered to bring my bill to $33 per month without changing my service and without signing a contract.  That's $720 I just saved for the next 12 months!!!

You can do this with your internet company, insurance company, electric company, etc.  especially if you have been a loyal customer for years.  Have a list of reasons why they should give you a discount.  Search their competitors and tell what their competitors are offering.  

So start CALLING and start SAVING !!!

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