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Are you saved?  This was a question someone asked me recently.  Honestly, I didn't know the answer.  

Many Christians believe they are saved (once saved, always saved once they "accept Jesus as their Savior"), some people believe they are being saved (in the process of salvation through sanctification), and a few believe they are saved when they TRULY ACCEPT Jesus as their Savior, accept His grace through faith, and become changed (a new person) where you are so thankful for being saved that you now naturally love God, want to follow Him, want to love others, and let go of worldly possessions.  

Let me first say, I am not here to judge because we should not judge others.  No one knows who will and will not be saved except our Father God.  I just want you to start thinking, start examining your own faith, your own salvation, and your own relationship with God.  

Are you "HOPING" to be saved since you are a "good Christian" or do you "KNOW" you will be saved when Jesus returns to earth to take the righteous to heaven?  

A few months ago, our youth group went on a 7-day mission trip to New Mexico.  Even though they didn't have their cell phones, their laptops, their comfortable beds, running water, their parents, etc; they were very happy, very thankful for having a ground to sleep on, food to eat, and a tent to take showers.  Why did they work so hard with joy even though the conditions were not good compared to what they were use to?  

It was because they "KNEW" without a doubt that they were going to go "HOME" after a week.  They knew the hardships were temporary and had faith they were going to go back home so they did the best they could with a big smile when they were at the mission field.  What if the kids were told that they might be there for a month, a year, or indefinitely without the assurance they will see their home, their friends, and their family again. 

Isn't our 70 plus years on earth our mission trip?  Would we not be happier and more grateful if we were 100% sure that we will be going "home", going to heaven once we died.  Really think about it.  

I pray that we can:

1.  BELIEVE Jesus died for our sins, saved us, and is offering us the gift of salvation.

2.  ACCEPT His gift of salvation, accept His grace, and know we are saved.

3.  LOVE God and love others naturally because we are so full of joy and are so thankful that we are going to heaven soon.  


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